Claudia Schiffer and Joseph Gordon Levitt by Ellen von Unwerth

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H → husband & wife/happily married (2002- present)
When we’re home, we’re a married couple. When we’re on set, we’re actors and we’re working. We understand each other and have a great deal of respect for each other and for each other’s work. I was talking to our director, Guillermo Navarro, and he said, ‘You know, this is really weird.’ I said, ‘What’s weird about it?’ and he said, ‘Usually when I work with spouses, they’re competitive and the two of you are not competitive at all, you’re respectful and you support each other.’ And again it’s that thing that I get to work with Laurence Fishburne. What actor in their right mind does not want to work with Laurence Fishburne? He is phenomenal, warm and gifted, and so that’s what I get to do.” - Gina Torres (on working with her husband on Hannibal)

how in the motherfuck was i unaware that these two were married? what the fuck am i doing with my life?

omfg i had no idea

Since when????

this is new to me


Wait forreal

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Scott: People have no idea how small Hugh is, do they?
Mads: He’s very small. [x]

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Hugh “Wee Man” Dancy [x]

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OMG This scene scared the shit out of me.

I thought he’s going to kill her.

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